Perfect for everyone who wants to get started with Gelosophy. This Gelosophy Starter Kit contains all necessary products. Save money with this kit instead of buying every essential product individually. Gelosophy Soak Off Gel Polish applies like a polish and has the durability of a gel. High fashion colors that stay on for over 2 weeks. Gelosophy is easy to apply, without chipping, peeling or wearing. It cures in 2 minutes in a AN UV Light (4x 9 Watt) or in just 30 seconds in LED Light. It’s easy to remove – simply soak it off in just 10 minutes.

Content: Gelosophy Base Gel 15 ml, Gelosophy #007 Through Pink Glasses 15 ml, Gelosophy Top Gel 15 ml, Blue Scrub 60 ml, UV Cleanser 100 ml, Soak Off Remover 100 ml, Pro Pusher, 2 Contour File 180/180, 20 Foil Wraps Gel, 20 Nail Wipes, 10 Gel Sponges, Step by step instructions.



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