Astonishing Nails Makeover Acrylic Powders are ideal for nailbed elongation for design and for nail biters.

They are medium to fast setting homo-polymers. Astonishing Nails Acrylic Powders offer an optimal balance between cure and set time. These products have been developed to offer you enough time to create the perfect smile line, and also enough time to perfect your c-curve. Due to the composition of this system, the c-curve retains its original shape until the next service.

The Astonishing Nails Powders offer superior control and expert workability. The product does not run into the cuticles and offers a creamy, controlled application.

The Astonishing Nails Powders offer strength and durability in combination with Astonishing Nails Liquid. They provide maximium flexibility with no lifting, cracking or bubbles.

These powders are of the highest quality and color consistency, ensuring that colors are as beautiful at the beginning of the service as they will be at the next service.

Makeover colors available in Pink and Peach.

Makeover colors available in 25 g, 250 g.

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